Justas Mikalauskas - Just Mika Media

Hi, I’m Just Mika (Justas Mikalauskas) and I enjoy traveling and making films. I have worked on a variety of projects from internet videos to TV and film. Though currently I enjoy capturing events and weddings the most!

I use a Sony A7s camera with a Steadicam and film techniques to give a cinematic look for my videos. And of course my style is best know for epic drone footage. I have been flying since 2014 for film and quite some more just as a hobby. Always ready to take on new challanges with my drone!


Freelance wedding shooter, 2016-2019
DoP, ARYA Dance, Documentary, 2018
1AC, The Vancouver B Movie Factory, TV Series, 2015-2016
Drone pilot, The Vancouver B Movie Factory, TV Series, Jan 2016
DoP, Dr. Nima Show, TV series, Jan 2016
DoP, Juvenile Justice, Documentary, Jan 2016
DoP, Systematic, Short Documentary, Dec 2015
DoP, Last Act, Short, Dec 2015
DoP, Stalkers Anonymous, Short, Dec 2015
2nd Unit DoP, Temptations, Feature, Nov 2015
Drone pilot, Bots, Short, Nov 2015
Drone pilot, Submission, Feature, Nov 2015
Lighting, Too Old for Haloween, Short, Oct 2015
1AC, Custom Made, Short, Oct 2015
Drone pilot, Donatas Banionis, Documentary, July 2015